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Highest rating from Lawyers.com

Highest rating from Lawyers.com


Highest rating from Lawyers.com

Reported Cases

Suit brought by Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels sued our California motel client, alleging breach of franchise agreement and seeking liquidated damages. We counterclaimed, asserting that Choice violated franchise law and should disgorge franchise fees so far paid. The AAA arbitrator that Choice requested agreed with us, throwing out Choice’s claim and awarding our client more in damages than Choice sought originally. Choice sought to vacate the decision in the Circuit Court and was rebuffed.

Motto from Polo: “A strong backhander stops a rush”

Suit brought against Virginia construction contractor Jones Roofing

Judgment entered for more than $200,000 in our client’s behalf in Prince George’s County Circuit Court, affirming judgment by confession, despite experienced opposition counsel’s motion to vacate. Such defense motions are routinely granted, paving the way for new trial. Our argument in this case saved our client a year or more in getting paid. The claim was cleared in less than 6 months from start to finish, instead of a minimum of 1 1/2 years to get to trial.

Speedy justice in trial court is rare but possible.

Internet break-up

Client was top non-shareholder optionholder in internet company that sold at peak. Shareholders wanted to buy options back without revealing spin-off of hardware company to family members for no consideration.

We retained former Maryland securities commisioner as an expert to support argument that state securities laws had been violated. Case survived dismissal motions when companion case brought by another option holder was dismissed. Case was settled for more than $600,000.

We go confidently into the new technology industries.

Business purchase

As counsel for buyer, we negotiated and drafted the documents to purchase a traditional manufacturing business with $5 million in annual sales.

We can help with your business sales and purchases, even in traditional industries

Business representation against Hale & Dorr

Our business client obtained an option to purchase commercial property in an industrial park in Howard County on which it wished to build a large, new headquarters and a vehicle sales & repair facility. The master documents for that industrial park had been drafted by Hale & Dorr, one of the country’s largest law firms, a firm figuring prominently in the film Erin Brockovich.

Our review of their proposed sales documents convinced us that they were not providing our client any “storm water management facilities.” Without those facilities, our client effectively would be purchasing unbuildable park land at industrial park prices, because no building permit would be issued. Hale & Dorr staked their reputation on their documents, insisting that our “little firm” was wrong. It advised our client to obtain new counsel, for wasting their time and money.

Ultimately, the title company, the commercial lender on the project and their legal counsel (a large Maryland law firm) came to agree with us. Hale & Dorr revised their documents, having to obtain consent from major institutional investors to revise the original industrial park plans to ensure that our client could build. Our client’s headquarters building was approved for building by the county and was built as planned.

We don’t back down when we believe we’re right.



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