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Real Property and Real Estate Litigation

In briefest overview, the terms “real estate” and “real property” refer, respectively, to land and to the buildings built on that land.

Maryland case law on real estate originates from English common law, which in turn originates from feudal traditions compelling the payment of duties to the king in exchange for land ownership. Modern statutes have been enacted on top of that set of old traditions, making for a complex area of law, with traps for the unwary.

We guide clients through the purchase and sale of real estate — both commercial and residential — the construction of buildings on that real property, the leasing of those buildings to others, and the limitations on the use of that land that may be imposed on the land and buildings by an overlapping array of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and judicial decisions.

We bring — and defend — all types of real estate litigation claims on behalf of owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, landlords, tenants and subtenants.

Also, we draft purchase and sale agreements, construction agreements, and leases, and we counsel clients on the management and avoidance of real estate claims and disputes.

We do not handle residential real estate closings, and absent exceptionally compelling circumstances, we do not represent residential tenants or their landlords in residential rent disputes.

Choose us for 25 years of experience in:

  • commercial real property
  • residential real property
  • land acqusition and sale
  • building construction contracts
  • lease buildout contracts
  • land use issues
  • zoning (in Montgomery County, Maryland only)
  • building permits
  • occupancy permits
  • variances
  • special exceptions
  • home occupancy permits
  • commercial leases
  • mall leases
  • commercial breach-of-lease litigation
  • real estate contract fraud
  • state and federal courts

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