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Estate planning can be difficult to face as we contemplate our own mortality. Some say that getting older is not for the weak. The estate planning process may not be for the weak at heart, either, but it provides at lease some opportunity to provides security for your family and loved ones after your death. A more extensive estate plan can provide legal authority and guidance for those who make the difficult decisions regarding your care and affairs should you become incapacitated. Montgomery County, Maryland estate planning attorney Dan Willard understands that comprehensive estate planning can help you:

  • Preserve your wealth during and after your lifetime
  • Designate someone to manage your assets for your benefit should you be unable to do so
  • Better ensure that those you care about receive your property after your death
  • Where appropriate, avoid probate for your priority assets by removing that property from the probate estate
  • In certain circumstances, minimize tax consequences

Estate planning will spell out how you want to transfer your property and assets to beneficiaries after your death. It also allows you to name a trusted person to handle your financial matters and medical care if you are incapacitated.

At Daniel S. Willard, P.C., we provide estate-planning services for clients in Rockville, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Frederick Cunty, Howard County and throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

We help our clients with their estate planning needs which often times involves:

Wills: You may have told your family how you want your estate distributed, but it generally won’t be enforceable unless your wishes are written into in a will or trust or both. For young families, a will can be a convenient way to name a guardian for your minor children.

Trusts: A trust is a flexible estate planning vehicle that can help you manage assets while you are alive and efficiently transfer them to beneficiaries after you die.

Powers of attorney: A power of attorney allows you name a trusted person to manage your affairs if you are unable to do so yourself. By having a power of attorney in place, you may limit the need for guardianship if you are incapacitated. A trust can provide guidance to the trustee on how to provide for your family when you are not able to do so due to incapacity.

Advance health care directives: In Maryland and the District of Columbia, an advance health care directive combines a health care power of attorney, a living will and a HIPPA consent in one document. The agent you name using this directive can manage your medical care if you are unable to do so yourself.

Living wills as one part of an advance health care directive helps you to decide in advance if you want feeding tubes and other “heroic” measures to keep you alive, such as if you are in a vegetative state with no hope of recovery.

Estate planning provides you with peace of mind. In addition to transferring assets to your beneficiaries, you can take steps to protect your beneficiaries from predators, creditors and litigation after your death.
Estate planning can also shelter income from taxation and structure your estate to avoid estate taxes.

With more than 25  years of experience, attorney Dan Willard, Esq., can advise you about aspects of trusts and estates issues, including:

Estate planning

At the Law Office of Daniel S. Willard, P.C., we can help you achieve your vision for your assets after your death or incapacity. With your active participation, we can analyze your estate and strategize yor preferred means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing guardianship for your children, supporting personal philanthropic causes and protecting your loved ones. We can draft a will that reflects your desires and can establish trusts and living trusts if they would be beneficial to your estate.

By Dan Willard

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